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As a member of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), you now have access to an abundance of exceptional resources at your fingertips. Whether it’s advocacy tools, the latest industry updates, educational offerings, professional development programs or opportunities to network with colleagues or explore new technologies, NAB actively provides our members with MORE resources and benefits.

Here are the top resources you’ll need to get started with your NAB member experience:


Explore cost-saving membership benefits such as media liability insurance, property and casualty insurance and electricity discount programs.

The NAB Handbook

A helpful tool to learn about our organization, events and find contact information for NAB staff and hotlines.

The NAB Handbook is currently under construction. Please check this page in the near future for the updated link.

Member Downloads

Download exclusive NAB member documents including political advertising broadcast forms, member logos, vehicle pass, event calendar and more.

Member Tools

Quickly access the main tools you will need as an NAB member including advocacy and legal and regulatory resources, PSAs, online dues payment, member ID look-up and more.

Broadcast Resource Hub

A comprehensive one-stop-shop for resources, tools and information on the most relevant issues impacting local radio and television stations. Access various resources including the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Resource Center, the Coronavirus Toolkit, Broadcast Education, the NAB Spot Center and more.


As an NAB member, you also have a dedicated phone line to contact NAB Member Services. If you have any questions regarding your member benefits, resources or dues, please contact the NAB Member Concierge at (202) 775-2555 or email

Experience MORE | Resources for Current Events:

In addition to traditional member benefits, NAB Member Services is actively providing new content and resources to support broadcasters during the COVID-19 pandemic including a free cybersecurity course, relevant weekly topics on the NAB Podcast, a coronavirus response toolkit and much more. Visit to learn more and access free resources to support your station.

NAB is advocating on behalf of broadcasters to ensure stations can stay on the air to serve their communities during this critical time. NAB’s User's Guide for Broadcasters to the CARES Act help you understand how your business is impacted and whether you are eligible for loans through new programs. To learn more about how NAB is advocating for relief for broadcasters struggling to survive this crisis, visit

Lastly, NAB and the NAB Leadership Foundation have worked closely with broadcast journalists, station managers, news industry leaders and journalism educators to create a toolkit with guidelines for reporting on sensitive matters of race and religion.

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