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January 31, 2012
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Actions of the NAB Board of Directors

The National Association of Broadcasters Board of Directors met this week for its regularly scheduled winter board meeting. Below is a summary of actions taken by the Board:

JANUARY 30-31, 2012


NAB Joint Board Chairman Paul Karpowicz, president of Meredith Corporation - Local Media Group, called the meeting to order. After roll call, the minutes of the October 2011 Board meeting were approved.


Mr. Karpowicz announced that Radio Board members Joel Oxley, senior regional VP and market manager, Hubbard Radio Washington Market; Rick Cummings, president - programming, Emmis Communications Corporation; Ronald Davis, president and general manager, KBOW-AM/KOPR-FM/KGLM-FM/KANA-AM/Butte Broadcasting and Eric Brown, general manager, KRVN-AM are rotating off the NAB Board.

Mr. Karpowicz also announced NAB Television Board members David Barrett, president and CEO, Hearst Television Inc; Lynn Beall, executive vice president, Gannett Broadcasting and Madelyn Bonnot-Griffin, managing partner, National Communications, Inc. are rotating off the NAB Board.

Mr. Karpowicz recapped the many legislative and regulatory issues faced by radio and television broadcasters in 2011 and praised NAB's leadership in protecting broadcasters' interests.


NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith expressed appreciation for broadcasters maintaining a unified front in tackling issues of concern to the industry. He recognized third-party initiatives, grassroots activities, state association partnerships and other efforts as being instrumental in NAB's success in Washington.

Mr. Smith congratulated E.W. Scripps Company for being selected to receive the 2012 NAB Distinguished Service Award at the NAB Show in April. Mr. Smith also acknowledged the passing of NAB senior vice president, Business Development, David Dziedzic, who recently lost his battle with cancer.

Mr. Smith noted that the unity between NAB Radio and TV Boards has been the hallmark of the association in the last two years, and has helped broadcasters achieve public policy goals. He contrasted NAB's unity with the partisan gridlock in Washington, where legislative efforts to reduce the deficit and protect copyrights have stalled.


NAB Executive Vice President of Government Relations Kelly Cole provided an overview on issues related to spectrum policy and NAB's efforts to secure protections to ensure that television broadcasters choosing to stay in business are held harmless.

Mr. Smith expressed cautious optimism that spectrum/incentive auction language, expected to be included in a tax extender package, would contain the protections for television broadcasters sought by NAB.

Ms. Cole also updated the Board on issues related to retransmission consent, rogue websites (specifically the stalled SOPA and Protect IP Act) and advertising guidelines designed to curb childhood obesity.


NAB Executive Vice President of Legal & Regulatory Affairs Jane Mago discussed the vacancy of two FCC seats and other staff changes at the Commission. Ms. Mago updated the Board on regulatory issues related to spectrum, retransmission consent, media ownership, the EAS national test and FCC order, public disclosure related to online public file and Enhanced Reporting Form, as well as the pending indecency case being considered by the Supreme Court.


NAB Chief Technology Officer Kevin Gage provided an update on broadcast-related technology trends seen at CES, including tablets, ultra high definition television, smart TV technology and HD Radio in dashboards and on mobile devices.

Mr. Gage updated the Board on plans for the development of NAB Labs, which will serve as a showcase for technology, establish funding for research, create awareness about over-the-air radio and television technology initiatives, provide a platform for innovation and a venue for forging partnerships and testing new technology.


NAB Executive Vice President of Conventions and Business Operations Chris Brown updated the Board on the status of the 2012 NAB Show to be held April 14-19 in Las Vegas.


NABEF President Marcellus Alexander, executive vice president of Television for NAB, updated the board on activities and initiatives undertaken by the NAB Education Foundation.


NABPAC Chairman Larry Patrick updated the Board on activities and fundraising efforts of NAB's political action committee and thanked the Board for 100 percent participation in NABPAC.


NAB Chief Financial Officer Joy Whitlow updated the board on budget-related issues. The Board then voted to approve the FY 2012-2013 budget.


January 30, 2012


Television Board Chairman Marci Burdick, senior vice president of Broadcasting and Cable, Schurz Communications, Inc., called the Television Board to order. After a call of the roll, minutes of the October 2011 Board meeting were approved.


Kelly Cole briefed the Board on issues related to retransmission consent and noted the numerous carriage deals reached in recent weeks demonstrates that the market-based negotiation process is working as Congress intended. Ms. Mago updated the Board on pending rulemakings at the FCC and NAB's continued efforts to emphasize the fundamental fairness of the present retransmission consent system.

Gordon Smith stressed the need to quantify the number of deals that are done successfully, while respecting the confidential nature and terms of these negotiations. He urged Board members and all broadcasters to publicly announce each of the many carriage deals that are successfully concluded to combat a misinformation campaign by cable TV companies suggesting that the retransmission consent system is malfunctioning.

NAB Executive Vice President of Marketing Michelle Lehman updated the TV Board on the development of new retransmission consent advocacy tools including an issue-specific website, online and social media initiatives and educational materials.

Kieran Mahoney with The Mercury Group presented results of focus group studies related to retransmission consent.


Ms. Cole discussed the indefinite postponement of recent copyright legislation - SOPA and Protect IP Act - that met fierce opposition from the tech community.


Ms. Mago provided updates to the Board on issues related to the CALM Act, video description and IP captioning relative to accessibility, on-line public file disclosure, enhanced disclosure form and the Public Notice issued by the FCC proposing possible changes to the Sports Blackout Rule.


Gordon Smith led a lengthy discussion related to the technical, business and political implications of NAB's strategy for preserving spectrum for those TV stations choosing not to participate in the FCC's incentive auction proposal.

Jane Mago outlined next steps for how the FCC would potentially proceed with incentive auctions rulemaking.

Kevin Gage led a discussion on the history of transmission standards, implementation of ATSC 2.0 and 3.0, global trends and options available to ensure broadcast remains a robust and flexible platform that meets consumer demands and industry objectives.


Syncbak Founder and CEO Jack Perry provided a presentation on Syncbak, a media technology company that has built a connected broadcast platform that enables broadcasters to distribute live and on-demand content OTT.


NAB Executive Vice President of Television Marcellus Alexander updated the TV Board on upcoming television activities and membership initiatives. Alexander noted that the NAB Futures Summit will be held November 11-13, 2012 at Laguna Beach, Calif.

Mr. Alexander also praised the success of the Small Market Television Group Roundtable & Exchange and commended Madelyn Bonnot-Griffin for her continued leadership in co-chairing the event.


January 31, 2012


NAB Radio Board Chair Caroline Beasley, executive vice president and CFO of Beasley Broadcast Group, called the meeting to order. After roll call, the minutes of the October 2011 Board meeting were accepted.


Kelly Cole provided an update regarding efforts to educate lawmakers on the benefits of radio chips in cell phones. Ms. Cole also briefed the Radio Board on NAB's concerns related to felony streaming language in copyright legislation SOPA and "PROTECT IP" Act, now stalled indefinitely. Ms. Cole also provided updates on the status of issues related to performance tax and spectrum fees.

Jane Mago led a discussion and gathered input from the Radio Board on the issue of an upcoming review of media ownership rules. Ms. Mago also provided a status update on activities related to low power FM and FM translators.


Bart Stringham, senior vice president corporate counsel, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, briefed the Radio Board the status of the Mission Abstract Data patent infringement lawsuit/case and urged the Board to feel free to contact him if they receive a letter seeking licensing fees.


Kevin Gage briefed the Radio Board on FASTROAD initiatives related to the development of HD Radio technology. Mr. Gage also presented a summary of the AM Engineering Study, conducted in collaboration by NAB and consulting firm Hammett & Edison, to cover the full gamut of future technical options for AM broadcasters.


NAB Executive Vice President of Radio John David provided an update to the Radio Board on membership initiatives and upcoming events. Mr. David updated the Radio Board on the 2012 Radio Show, sponsored by NAB and the Radio Advertising Bureau. The event will take place September 19-21 in Dallas at the Hilton Anatole.

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