Get Social

Remember: Social Media is Social First

Use social media as another vehicle to engage with your legislators. Don’t be afraid to talk to your legislators directly on social media. Tag them in your posts to start a conversation.

Encourage your fans and followers to share or retweet your posts or to talk to legislators about your work directly. While your direct communication with policymakers is powerful, engagement from larger groups of their constituents sends an even stronger message.

Use Hashtags to Participate in Important Conversations

Some policymakers use dedicated hashtags to share and discuss local news. Check your policymakers’ Twitter bios to see whether they list a hashtag there, and look at their posts to see what hashtags they use regularly. Start using those to tag relevant posts about your local impact.

Please also use NAB's #WeAreBroadcasters to help your policymakers understand the connection between the value you provide and the urgency of preserving broadcasting.

Say Something Worth Sharing

The power of a social media message is that readers can share it with their networks. When you’re crafting a message, think about whether your policymakers or other followers will be interested in repeating or responding to you.

Distill your activities into engaging, easily digested content, such as an infographic, photo or a short video. This rich content is most likely to get shared.

Make a social media event out of policymakers' interviews. Post photos and quotes, thank them on social media and, again, get your audience involved!

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