NAB Studio
NAB Studio

Interactive Tour

Step inside the NAB Studio (virtually) by watching our 360-degree video demo. You'll see how the studio has been designed and how it will fit your production needs. Use your mouse or the arrows on your keyboard to move around the studio while the video plays. You can also find out more about the various broadcast technologies in use at the NAB Studio by exploring our guide below.

360-Degree View

Broadcast-Ready Studio

The NAB Studio uses the same gear that professional broadcasters use. We have teleprompters, wireless microphones, webcast encoders, digital recorders and everything else you'll need to produce your program.

Studio Guide
A - 28-Foot Video Wall

You're only limited by your imagination with our 28-foot curved video wall (with a 1.8mm pixel pitch.) We can create realistic still or animated backgrounds that match your project and brand. We can also place "remote" guests or video roll-ins on the wall.

B - Six-screen Flag Wall

Our secondary set is a background made up of six video panels that can be programmed individually or as one large unit. It's a great location for program hosts or as a place for presentations or speeches.

C - LED Lighting

The studio's grid is filled with the latest LED lighting fixtures that can change looks and color profiles during a production. The lights don't generate heat, so the studio temperatures remain cool. Lighting can be tied to cues on the video wall for a truly automated production.

D - Robotic Cameras

There isn't a need to hire a large camera crew at the NAB Studio. We have state-of-the art robotic cameras that can be controlled by one operator in the control room.