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Passing the Torch - Gordon Smith and Curtis LeGeyt on NAB's Leadership Transition

April Carty-Sipp, NAB's executive vice president of Industry Affairs sits down for an open and insightful conversation with outgoing NAB president and CEO Gordon Smith and incoming president and CEO Curtis LeGeyt.

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Understanding the Cyber Attack Threat Landscape

Marjolaine Lombard, cybersecurity consultant, Atos and Allan McLennan, head of technology, media and telcom, Media and Entertainment, North America, Atos, discuss how changes to the media landscape over the past couple of years have exponentially increased the cyber threat level facing broadcasters.

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Detailing DTS AutoStage from Inside a Mercedes

David Layer, vice president, Advanced Engineering, NAB, sits down with Joe D'Angelo, senior vice president, Global Radio and Digital Audio, Xperi, in a 2020 Mercedes S-Class with the new MBUX audio entertainment platform.

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An Agency Executive's Take on Radio Adopting Impression-Based Selling

Martha Matthews, senior vice president, Local Investment, dentsu Media U.S., talks impression-based selling, 2022 local advertising projections, agency outlooks and outcome based buying principles with special guest interviewer, former NAB COLRAM member Buzz Knight.

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Spotlighting Sports Media

Jason Barrett, president, Barrett Sports Media, examines the current landscape of American sports media with a focal point on local TV and radio stations.

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Digital Workplace Advancements for Broadcasters

Mike Harm, chief technology officer, Workplace, Atos, discusses the technology behind successful digital workforces across America, details some of their best practices, introduces cutting-edge digital collaboration tools and offers implementation tips for making these advancements at your station.

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The Future of Audience and Revenue 2021 Sneak Peek

Daniel Anstandig, CEO and founder of Cleveland-based Futuri Media, shares topline findings from the most extensive study on audience and revenue ever done in the industry.

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Xperi Technologies that Benefit Broadcasters

Joe D'Angelo, senior vice president, Broadcast Radio, Xperi, details the latest advancements in HD Radio, DTS AutoStage and other Xperi technologies and discusses how they will positively impact broadcast radio in the short and long term future.

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Mike McVay and Steve Reynolds Behind the Mic

Celebrated radio consultant Mike McVay and venerable talent coach Steve Reynolds join host Josh Miely to commemorate the 150th episode of the NAB Podcast with a deep dive into their craft.

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Insights from Local TV Sales Leaders

Katie Elliott, local sales manager, KXLY-TV, Morgan Murphy Media and Michael Spiesman, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Allen Media Broadcasting discuss local market trends, growth categories and recruitment advertising success stories.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tamron Hall and More: Inside the NAB Leadership Foundation's Largest Event

Darrell Brown, president, Bonneville International and NAB Leadership Foundation Board Chair; Michelle Duke, president, NAB Leadership Foundation and chief diversity officer, NAB and Tim Dotson, senior director, Development, NAB Leadership Foundation, detail this year's Celebration of Service to America Awards telecast, winners, production and more.

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Copyright, Defamation and Privacy - Inside NAB's Radio Rules Course and Guidebook

Pat Groshong, media claims manager, Axis Pro and Larry Walke, associate general counsel, NAB, detail the federal rules and policies governing copyright, defamation and privacy, which are just a handful of the topics covered in NAB's Radio Rules: A Guide to FCC regulations for Radio Stations.

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An Out-of-Home Audio Experience Deep Dive

Paul Brenner, president of Audio Out of Home and chief strategy officer, Vibenomics, returns to the podcast to detail how his new company works directly with consumer brands to help them reach audiences right before the point-of-purchase and discusses the logical business tie-ins for broadcasters.

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Marconis, Money Makers and More!

NAB Show, Radio Show and the NAB Sales and Management Television Exchange are coming to Las Vegas this October! Hear what's in store from Tobi Hall, director, Awards and Events, TV and Radio, NAB, and learn a few tricks for beefing up your awards entries.

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