2017 Money Makers Competition

Are you a seller? Do you want to be crowned the best? Then come get your competitive juices flowing with our Money Makers Competition and win some cash and top recognition for your station!

At the heart of the Small Market Television Exchange (SMTE) is the annual Money Makers Competition.

Small Market stations (DMAs 75+) submit their best sales promotion ideas in the months leading up to SMTE. Through several rounds of voting, the Small Market Television Advisory Committee selects up to 25 Toppers/finalists that receive the honor of presenting their entries onsite throughout the conference. Exchange attendees vote live onsite to select the Best-of-the-Best from among these finalists.

We're Giving Away Over $2,000!

2017 Money Makers Competition participants will have the chance to win more than $2,000 in cash prizes.

Just by submitting an idea you will also receive a compilation of ALL the entries at the end of the exchange! There is no downside!

Competition Guidelines

How do I submit an idea?

Small Market Television broadcasters (DMAs 75+) enter written descriptions of promotional ideas using the online competition entry form.

Do I have to submit a video with my initial written entry?

NO, a video is not required at this time. Only a written entry is required using the online form. Those moving on to "Toppers" status will be contacted regarding video requirements. Up to 25 Toppers will be selected by the Judging Committee. Toppers will be asked to produce a short video presentation to be shown at the Small Market Television Exchange. If a station declines the opportunity to provide a video, the promotion will be disqualified as a Topper.

How many ideas can I submit?

Stations may contribute as many ideas as they wish.

What types of ideas should I submit?

Entries are accepted in a broad variety of categories, including:

  • News
  • Content
  • Digital
  • Advertising (primarily on-air campaigns)
  • Community or public service

Additional details are provided on the entry form.

As a general rule, if the idea generated sales revenue for your station, it is eligible for the competition.

HOWEVER, keep in mind that the judging committee is looking for new, fresh and innovative ideas!

Please do not submit the following:

  • Promotions that were entered by your station in previous Money Makers Competitions
  • Ideas your station discovered in previous Money Makers Competitions UNLESS they have been significantly modified
  • Syndicated promotions that are not localized or that do not reflect a new, different or original element
  • "Tried and True" promotions that everyone has seen before
  • Sales management ideas
  • Promotions that have not yet been sold/implemented

Note that members of the Judging Committee are required to abstain from voting on any entries submitted by their station.


Early Competition Friday, July 21
Final Entries Due Friday, August 11
Toppers Notified by NAB Thursday, August 24
Toppers Videos Due Thursday, September 7

What Can I Win?

Early Competition Winner
  • $250
  • Complimentary registration for the 2017 Small Market Television Exchange
  • Instant Topper status
  • Special recognition during and after the Small Market Television Exchange
  • $50 cash
Best of Category
  • $250 each
Final Four
  • $250 each
  • Final Four Trophy
  • Complimentary registration for the 2017 Small Market Television Exchange
Best of the Best
  • $1,000
  • Best of the Best Trophy
Bonus Prizes!
  • Every station that submits at least one entry in the Money Makers Competition will receive a compilation containing all of the ideas received (the compilation is ONLY available to stations that contribute ideas).
  • Conference attendees are also eligible to receive a not-for-sale compilation video of the 25 Toppers presented at the Exchange.

2016 Grand Prize Winner

KTAL-TV in Stavenport, LA (DMA 83) won top honors with the "Salute the Badge.”

2016 Toppers





If you have questions about the 2017 Money Makers Competition, please contact Tiara Jackson at tjackson@nab.org or (202) 429-3934.