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Revenue Enhancement and Cost Containment at Radio Stations


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Putting Video to Work at Your Radio Station

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Video content has rapidly become a necessity for any/all successful online and social marketing campaigns, including those in radio. Discover how radio stations large and small are creating and using video to expand their brands, create new revenue streams and connect in new ways with their communities. Bonus: learn multiple shortcuts and time savers for editing your video content too!

Jennifer Williams, Director of Interactive Marketing, Greater Media

Zach Kerker, Director of Digital Sports Development, Neuhoff Media

Michael Khatcheressian, Director, Media Production, NAB

Automotive Advancements: The Changing In-car Audio Experience

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Taken from a keynote at the 2016 NAB Show's Digital Strategies Exchange for Radio, learn how connected cars are rapidly changing consumer thinking, the marketplace, and automaker planning as well as how radio can best position itself to succeed in this new environment.

John Ellis, Founder, Managing Director, Ellis & Associates

Innovative Ways Radio Can Appeal to Advertisers

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Taken from the 2016 NAB Show, discover the multitude of ways today's forward thinking radio station can appeal to modern advertisers.

Pierre Bouvard, chief insights officer, Cumulus Media/Westwood One

How Radio Stations are Succeeding with Social Media

See how radio stations across the nation are using social media to meet their broadcast and digital goals. This fast-paced session will focus on real examples of radio stations that are putting today’s best practices to work in their social media strategy. Get the tools, tips and ideas you need to make sure your strategy and security are top notch. Broadcaster turned social media expert, Kim Wilson will walk you through everything you need to know.

Kim Wilson, president and founder, Social News Desk

Podcast FAQ for Radio Stations

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Easy accessibility, compelling content and energetic new voices have made podcasts and on-demand audio increasingly appealing to consumers. Hear a brief history of the medium, learn essential facts and discover how radio is uniquely set-up to capitalize in this bourgeoning content space.

Presenter: Steve Goldstein, Founder and CEO, Amplifi Media

Let’s Get Political: Advertising and the 2016 Election

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Political ad spending is breaking records with each new election cycle. Staying up-to-date about your obligations and potential pitfalls is more important than ever. Thankfully, we’ve got the grandmaster of political ad rules here to help. In this webcast, we pick the brain of expert Robert “Bobby” Baker, assistant division chief of the Policy Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission. We’ll discuss everything you need to look out for in the upcoming year, including LUC windows, sponsor ID, public file obligations and more. 2016 promises to be bigger than ever. Don’t be left out!

Robert “Bobby” Baker, assistant division chief, Policy Bureau, Federal Communications Commission
Scott Goodwin, Associate General Counsel, NAB
Larry Walke, Associate General Counsel, NAB

2015 Radio Show Highlights Webcast: Manage Like a Leader

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Here's a chance to see quick bites of some of the great sessions from the 2015 Radio Show produced by NAB and RAB. Learn how to build reciprocity with millennial employees, pinpoint behaviors of likely Radio survey respondents and understand how today’s Radio employees want to be managed.

Katie Gambill, president and general manager, 5 Star Radio Group 
Tim Clarke, senior director, Digital Audience - Radio, Cox Media Group 
Kim Guthrie, executive vice president, National Ad Platforms; president, Cox Reps, Cox Media Group 
Andrew Harby, local sales manager, Neuhoff Media 
Mike Hulvey, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Neuhoff Communications 

Leigh Jacobs, vice president, Research Analysis, NuVooDoo Media
Laurie Kahn, president and founder, Media Staffing Network 

Revenue Enhancement and Cost Containment at Radio Stations


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