National Association of Broadcasters

Webcast Technical Requirements

NAB makes every effort to deliver high quality streaming video. There are some cases where the stream may not work and you will experience buffering issues.

The minimum bandwidth required to view the live webcasts is 2 mbps. The recommended optimal bandwidth is 5 mbps. Due to other Local Area Network security within your organization, such as your corporate firewall or web content filtering, you may run into quality issues that may cause lowered bandwidth or prevent internet streams from working properly at all.

NAB recommends that you take these steps prior to watching the live webcast stream:

  1. Go to www.speedtest.net and run a connectivity test. This will identify your connectivity speed. If it’s consistently 5 mbps and above you should have enough bandwidth to maintain a good stream.
  2. Go to www.ustream.tv and watch a live video. If you can watch a live video with good quality, you should be good to go for the NAB webcast stream. If not, please continue to step 3.
  3. If you have confirmed that you have consistent bandwidth capacity and the website Ustream.tv does not load or buffers during a live stream, please contact your IT support for possible filtering, firewall or local computer software issues.

If your station does not have adequate bandwidth to watch the live webcast stream, it is recommended that you wait for the webcast archive to become available. The archived webcasts require less bandwidth than the live sessions. Archives are typically uploaded within 24-hours following the live presentation. An email is sent to webcast subscribers as soon as the archive is available.