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S3: Webcasts for TV Sellers

July 25, 2017

Turn Reluctant Advertisers into Broadcast Buyers
Designed for senior sales executives, Strategic Sales Solutions (S3) webcasts deliver impactful sales training to help stations increase their bottom lines. S-cubed is an exclusive NAB and TVB member benefit.

ENG and Beyond: Utilizing Drones in Broadcasting

Archived Webcast

Practical applications for unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, are taking off. Learn the current and future regulations governing drone usage; discover the process and methods for utilizing drones for electronic news gathering (ENG); and hear of other real-world uses such as drone inclusion in tower maintenance programs and live event promotions.

Cybersecurity: The Next Steps

Archived Webcast

Take a deeper dive to show how broadcasters can implement a cybersecurity program today to detect, protect and recover from being hacked tomorrow.

Accelerated Mobile Pages: The Web’s Fast Lane

Archived Webcast

Hundreds of broadcast websites have implemented the new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format for fast-loading mobile content which receives special treatment in Google search. However, AMP optimization is a work in progress for many broadcasters - and others are not yet AMP-enabled. We'll unpack the benefits and challenges of AMP, answer common questions, and offer best practices for publishers considering internal and outsourced AMP solutions. There will be plenty of material for publishers at all stages of AMP implementation - from beginners to advanced adopters.

Five Paths to a Healthier Bottom Line in 2017

Archived Webcast

Discover five ways to make a positive impact on your business in 2017. Featuring highlights from our best webcasts of the year!

Enriching the Digital Offerings at Your Radio Station

Archived Webcast

Taken from the 2016 Radio Show, this two-pack of presentations centers upon digital monetization, content curation, platform diversification and social media strategy.

Revenue Enhancement and Cost Containment at Radio Stations

Archived Webcast

Taken from the 2016 Radio Show, discover a few of the best practices for revenue enhancement and cost containment in major, medium and small market radio stations.

FM Chips in Smartphones: An Evolving Landscape

Archived Webcast

This live webcast on FM chips in smartphones is a gateway into the ever changing mobile environment. Moderated by Brian Savoie, Director, Technology Education and Outreach, our panel will focus on how carrier adoption, software, and hardware changes are playing into user adoption and acceptance.

Reporting on Race in America: Lessons from Local Newsrooms - NABJ Panel

Archived Webcast

Local television and radio newsrooms are frequently at the epicenter of news stories where race is a principal factor. Whether it's coverage of racially-motivated crimes to demonstrations and civil unrest, how do local newsrooms prepare to effectively cover these events? Can stations' relationships with various segments of their local communities enable them to report more effectively? What best practices do stations employ to ensure diversity in their coverage of stories where race is not necessarily a factor? View on-demand video of a panel discussion focusing on what local stations are doing well and what steps they can take to improve.

Insights into the Connected Car

Archived Webcast

Insights into the Connected Car is an immersive study about how the changing face of the connected car will impact radio. We will explore how different generational and demographic groups view radio and its role in the car. Furthermore, we will explore the automaker's perspective on radio's place in this evolving space.

Getting Ready for the Next Political Advertising Season

Archived Webcast

This webcast is an update on the Federal Communication Commission's byzantine political broadcasting rules, including issues like reasonable access, equal opportunities, lowest unit charger, third party advertising, sponsorship ID and the new online public file requirements.

Automotive Advancements: The Changing In-car Audio Experience

Archived Webcast

Taken from a keynote at the 2016 NAB Show's Digital Strategies Exchange for Radio, learn how connected cars are rapidly changing consumer thinking, the marketplace, and automaker planning as well as how radio can best position itself to succeed in this new environment.

Authoring Our Future: Developing Applications for Next Gen TV

Archived Webcast

Building off of PILOT's exciting Home Gateway demo featured at the NAB show in April, So Vang and Azita Manson demonstrate how local stations can easily develop customized services to meet the needs of their audiences.

Innovative Ways Radio Can Appeal to Advertisers

Archived Webcast

Taken from the 2016 NAB Show, discover the multitude of ways today's forward thinking radio station can appeal to modern advertisers.

How Radio Stations are Succeeding with Social Media

Archived Webcast

See how radio stations across the nation are using social media to meet their broadcast and digital goals. This fast-paced session will focus on real examples of radio stations that are putting today’s best practices to work in their social media strategy. Get the tools, tips and ideas you need to make sure your strategy and security are top notch. Broadcaster turned social media expert, Kim Wilson will walk you through everything you need to know.

Podcast FAQ for Radio Stations

Archived Webcast

Easy accessibility, compelling content and energetic new voices have made podcasts and on-demand audio increasingly appealing to consumers. Hear a brief history of the medium, learn essential facts and discover how radio is uniquely set-up to capitalize in this bourgeoning content space.

Broadcast Cybersecurity: The Essentials

Archived Webcast


NAB has assembled a panel of experts to provide you with a framework for preparing your broadcast operation in the the event of a cyberattack. Progressing from the NIST Framework and CSRIC recommendations, our panel will focus on how to enhance your existing disaster recovery and continuity of operation plans in anticipation of a cyberattack.

NAB Online Leadership Academy

Archived Webcasts

The NAB Online Leadership Academy is an exclusive members-only online education webcast series designed with your needs in mind. Delivering multiple content offerings, sessions are designed to help further your professional skills and share valuable knowledge from prominent experts and leaders in the broadcast industry.

Webcast on How the FCC's Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) Can Help Broadcasters During an Emergency

Archived Webcast

This webcast describes the valuable benefits of participating in the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) DIRS program, as well as the very simple process for signing up for DIRS and updating your broadcast status during times of emergencies. The webcast is free to NAB members and non-members.


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